Exploitation and trafficking can take many forms and differ from one environment to another. If you feel you are in a position of weakness and experience or witness any of the following, please call us on our hotline number 995 for clarification:

  • Do you feel you have restriction of movement – physical or mental?
  • Have you been denied access to your identification or travel documents?
  • Have you not been paid salary or have irregular payments?
  • Have you been subjected to threats or blackmail?
  • Have you been exposed to physical or psychological abuse?
  • Have you been given false employment promises?
  • Have you not been given days off or do you have very long working hours?
  • Do you have cruel or inhumane living conditions? 
  • Do you have limited or no access to health care?
  • Do you have limited contact with family or friends?
  • Is your status illegal in the country?
  • Are you working to pay off a debt to the employer?
  • Are you generally in a vulnerable position?

If you have answered yes to many or all of the above questions and need help, please feel free to call the national trafficking hotline 995. If you would like to speak with us in person, you can visit us at the Expat Protection Centre located in Northern Sehla.